ADSSSA organizes workshop on ‘Leading role of data managers’

Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions & Services Authority (ADSSSA) recently held a workshop on the topic ‘Leading role of data managers’ at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr hotel, Abu Dhabi, in the presence of data managers from several government entities, as well as key data management representatives from across the country.  The workshop aimed to educate government entities about the pivotal role played by data managers, seamlessly integrating their roles into the functioning of the government agencies, as well as identifying and addressing the challenges they face.

Data managers are crucial for the smooth, quick and effective digital transformation of the country. A successful data manager brings to his organization, a wealth of decision-making experience, resulting in the efficient implementation of the government’s data management policies and standards.

Mohammed Al Madhani, Data Management Director at ADSSSA said: “Data is the fuel for this era, on which we build our wealth and achieve success and progress in the future. So, we developed the ‘Government Data Management Program’ in Abu Dhabi, which aims to harness the real value of data through advanced analysis and the use of tools and technologies like Artificial Intelligence.”

Al Madhani added: “The Government Data Management Program’ works on integrating and strengthening cooperation between government entities to highlight its collective achievements, so as to create a unified data framework for the Emirate and contribute actively to the government’s agenda of building a competitive, knowledge-based economy focused on sustainable development across all sectors.”

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