Advanced rehabilitation programme helps 52-year-old regain independence

When 52-year-old diabetic and hypertensive Abdul Rehaman Mohammed was admitted to Apollo Jubilee Hills Hospital, he could not speak and was experiencing weakness on the right side of his body. Abdul had suffered a stroke.

He was managed conservatively and, after being stabilised, he was transferred to ApoKos, India’s first complete and integrated in-patient rehabilitation facility. A personalized rehabilitation programme of physiotherapy, speech and swallow therapy, electrotherapy, and the use of the facility’s robotic tilt table, the ERIGO was initiated for him. The medical team also helped him control of diabetes and hypertension and prevention further complications.

Abdul responded well to the programme. Eight weeks after his admission to ApoKos, he was able to speak simple words, swallow food, shift to his wheelchair from the bed or car by himself, stand with the support of a cane, and do other simple tasks independently. He was discharged but was advised to continue his physiotherapy and speech therapy until he fully recovered.

“Abdul’s case shows how fundamental rehabilitation is to the recovery and healing process of patients with life-altering medical conditions such as stroke and serious injuries due to accidents”, according to Dr. K. Subba Reddy, Medical Director, ApoKos Rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation helps patients regain their independence and return to active life. It is a crucial process where patients, based on their conditions, are given a chance to restore the functions of their affected body parts after their acute care,” said Dr. Reddy, adding:

“This is our mission and commitment at ApoKos, which was established following the strategic partnership between Apollo Hospitals, Asia’s largest healthcare provider, and KOS Group, the leading provider of rehabilitation and social health in Italy. Together, we bring years of our accumulated experience in supporting and nurturing patients back to life and living.”

The 64-bed ApoKos provides holistic in-patient rehabilitation and care for cancer, neurological, orthopaedic, cardiopulmonary, paediatric, and geriatric patients. To date, it has provided rehabilitation services to over 500 patients.

The majority of its neuro patients have suffered from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or Gullian Bare Syndrome, while its ortho cases mainly consist of patients who have undergone total hip replacement and total knee replacement surgeries or multiple injuries as a result of an accident.

“ApoKos is committed to bridging the gap between illness and injury and health and well-being. In the process, every patient regains lost skills and gets back to a normal life with independence, self-esteem, and above all, happiness,” Dr. Reddy said.

Furthermore, adopting a holistic, patient-first approach, ApoKos leverages advanced technologies and practices to help individuals realise their fullest potential and assist them during their rehabilitation.

Apart from ERIGO, it utilises Ekso Bionic Robotic Exoskeleton, a wearable robotic suit which allows patients with lower limb weakness to walk again; Armeo Power, the world’s most advanced arm rehabilitation; and balance master for balance restoration and mobility.

Dr. Reddy concluded: “By advancing our expertise, systems, technologies, and clinical strategies that result in better outcomes, we have been consistently redefining the Indian healthcare space, in line with our vision of ‘touching a billion lives.’ We offer the same top-notch rehabilitation programmes and services to all our patients who come from different parts of the world.”

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