Al Ansari Exchange announces 97.4 per cent customer happiness levels for 2

Al Ansari Exchange, the UAE-based foreign exchange and worldwide money transfer company, posted a 97.4 customer satisfaction rating. The achievement demonstrates the company’s success in maintaining the happiness of its customers through its diverse portfolio of innovative payment services and solutions that have been designed and developed to meet their expectations. The excellent customer happiness ratings further affirm the company’s ability to be recognized by several award giving entities, having been recently awarded with the 4th edition of the ‘Sharjah Excellence Award’ this February and having been voted as a ‘UAE Superbrand’ for the 14th consecutive year by the UAE Superbrand Council, the internationally acclaimed independent authority for branding excellence.

Mohammad Bitar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Al Ansari Exchange, said: “This achievement represents the culmination of our continuing efforts to meet the needs of our customers, including the move to achieve their satisfaction and happiness, which starts from the provision of high-class services to various rewards programs and promotions, in appreciation of their loyalty and ongoing support. In order to meet the requirements and needs of our customers, we worked to increase the number of our branch network to 192, spread out across the UAE. We have also been proactive in promoting investment in modern technology and adopting innovative technologies that ensure smooth, secure and fast digital channels to send money instantly and reliably, supported by modern and advanced infrastructure. We will remain steadfast in our commitment to provide innovative services and smart solutions that are in line with the highest international standards of efficiency and credibility, which will support our leadership in the financial sector in the country.”

Al Ansari Exchange is witnessing tangible activity in its business, especially at a time when the company continues to see positive business growth year-on-year (YoY). The company is adopting an ambitious plan to increase the number of its branches, reaching 200 outlets by 2020. The company, which is enjoying strong financial solvency and partnership agreements with more than 250 banks and agents covering more than 500,000 locations around the world, is also looking into forging new partnerships with both government and private sector entities to facilitate ease of payments for all its customers.

The rate of customer satisfaction was measured based on a special questionnaire that included more than 4.3 million customers throughout the year 2019. The questionnaire is available through tablets installed on each counter in all of the “Al Ansari Exchange” branches located throughout the emirates. The questionnaire, which is available in both Arabic and English, provides customers with the opportunity to express their opinions easily, quickly and transparently, which are then sent to a database that is quickly responded to and take appropriate measures and solutions according to the nature of customer feedback and suggestions.

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