Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children Summer Programme offers creative and entertaining workshops for orphaned children

• Hosting a number orphans from Emirates Red Crescent in various workshops. • Activating Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children’s role in social initiatives aimed at supporting orphans and minors and developing their talents. • Instilling orphans with happiness and motivation.

Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children (AJCCC), an entity of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), provided an interesting experience filled with learning, creativity and entertainment for orphaned children at Emirates Red Crescent as part of the activities of its 2022 summer programme that launched on 4 July and is continuing until 26 August.

AJCCC welcomed the children to an open day during which they were entertained and acquired several creative skills by participating in a variety of workshops included in its summer programme, covering reading, creative writing, drawing and handicrafts.

Adel Omar, Senior Special Project and Media Director at AJCCC affirmed that this initiative comes within AJCCC’s social responsibility programmes to educate and support orphans and minors in the UAE and help integrate them into society by discovering and developing their talents and creative skills.

Adel Omar added: “This experience seeks to empower children, motivating them to excel academically in a safe environment within artistic and cultural programmes provided by the centre to enable them to learn, innovate, create and anticipate the future. The participating children enjoyed the activities of the summer programme with their peers in a fun atmosphere.”

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