ALDO introduces its first Sustainable sneaker.

ALDO believes in making a difference and that’s why, this summer, the brand will debut its first ever sustainable shoe.


Modern, casual slip-ons and wear-everywhere sneakers made from low-impact and recycled materials. We call it RPPL. (Pronounced Ripple)


The RPPL Effect

The sole is formulated with BLOOM Foam, an innovative material derived from lake algae biomass. Turning hazardous algae overgrowth into a renewable, non-food plant source that

helps offset the use of petroleum found in conventional sole materials.

Algae, a carbon neutral raw material, is grown without any labor, irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers, land transportation or any other resources. Each pair of RPPL sneakers is made with a knit fabricated from recycled plastic bottles. Yarn made from plastic water bottles, between 3 to 6 bottles (depending on sizing), diverts waste that would otherwise go

to landfills, limits the use of new raw materials and prevents plastic from entering and polluting our oceans. The RPPL collection will keep 46 tons of carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere and represents a combined total of 2.5 million litres of clean, filtered water

that goes back into precious waterways, protecting animal and plant life and reducing the need for fossil fuels. Even the box is made from 100% recycled materials.

This collection is available across all Aldo stores and online on


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