Alexander McQueen Parfums is pleased to announce the launch of a collection comprising eight precious fragrances.

Inspired by the artistry of haute perfumery, innovation and contemporary  design, each in the series is distinctive for its use of highly sought-after ingredients that harness the  essential and mysterious beauty of nature.


This enveloping, delicate aromatic floral draws on the depiction of the Celtic rose as an asymmetrical  knot which in turn inspires the Celtic rose compass, a universal symbol of protection, exploration and  a traveller’s return home.

The gentle scent of rain drenched rose petals is restorative, taking care of  the heart, while spicy, peppery thorns protect and empower.


The red lily stands proud and invincible, its exuberant flower symbolic of ardour, self-confidence and  passion.

A spicy floral scent, the deep crimson of this tall plant’s petals is combined with peppery red  pimento.

Its narcotic and enveloping scent is blasted by gunpowder, by fiery emotion and intense  heat.

Blazing Lily is a modern declaration of power and love.


A nurturing armour of light, this intoxicating oriental plays on the shadows beneath the glow of the  exotic fuchsia orchid.

The vibrant shine of that magical bloom illuminates the warmth of roasted  sesame, the bitter depth of coffee and the enveloping power of the Tonka bean.

The beauty of  darkness is enhanced by the radiance and strength of the orchid flower.


In the amber garden grow incense and benzoin trees. Golden drops of precious resin spring from  their bark.

An amber oriental, this soothing fragrance reconnects the spirit to the serenity of nature.

A warm, soft, comforting scent, its allure is awakened by vibrant spices: cardamom, nutmeg and  cinnamon.


The flowers of the osmanthus tree exude an uplifting fragrance evocative of optimism, vitality and  light.

The transcendental qualities of this potent bloom are enhanced by the unique scent of the  leaves of Lapsang Souchong tea resulting in a smoky, leathery floral.

The pure fragrance of  osmanthus petals, reminiscent of sun-ripened, pulpy apricot, combines with the sensual steam of this  exotic infusion.


Beneath moss-covered fields that bore witness to ancient civilisations, slow-growing and protective  vetiver spreads its tangled roots both absorbing and diffusing the smoky power of the earth.

Orris  root brings a softer strength, as tender as morning mist.

Edges are blurred.

A green woody chypre, Vetiver Moss evokes the tranquil sense of walking across windswept moors, surrounded by verdant  shrubs and plants:

the vibrancy of nature is captured at its most untamed.


Growing in the deep and saturated mud of the banks of the Nile, papyrus is a symbol of life itself and  of the place from which all life came.

To the Ancient Egyptians, the papyrus amulet was a source of  protection and strength.

Papyrus extract has a strong, earthy scent, redolent of existence at its most  primal.

Combined with juicy blackcurrant buds its untamed energy is evocative of vital armour.

This  spicy, woody floral fragrance embraces humanity’s earliest beliefs giving back an intense and  powerful desire for new life.


Everlasting flowers grow wild and free, all year round and in even the most remote environments.

Imagine mineral coasts and barren seashores, awash with driftwood and shrouded in mist that rises  to reveal tangled plants dense with clusters of deep blue petals.

An eternal dream of hope,  enlightened by the salt-heavy breeze of the sea, this woody aquatic brings the colour back into life.

Price – AED 730

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