Ali Al Dhaheri: The International Day of Zero Waste is an opportunity to join efforts to achieve a zero waste future

Eng. Ali Al Dhaheri, CEO of the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer), said: “The International Day of Zero Waste, which is observed for the first time this year, aims to promote best practices of sustainable consumption and production. It also seeks to increase awareness levels among individuals and institutions on the importance of contributing to sustainable development by reducing waste and limiting its impact on the environment.

Authorities, institutions and stakeholders must join efforts to launch initiatives that contribute to achieving a zero-waste future. It is also important to recycle waste and convert it into an asset to support the national economy and achieve environmental sustainability.”

“Tadweer is commitment to developing an integrated waste management system in Abu Dhabi, and transforming waste into a national economic resource, in accordance with the highest international standards. This comes in line with the Company’s efforts to build an integrated waste management system and contribute to accelerating the UAE’s transition to a circular economy,” Al Dhaheri added.

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