Amsaan Accessible Tours adds new travel spots for deaf travellers in Spain and Greece

Amsaan Accessible Tours (AAT) is a pioneering company in inclusive tourism for Deaf and hard-of-hearing travellers, with offices in both the UAE and the UK. They specialise in providing tailored tours for Deaf individuals from around the globe. With approximately 1.5 billion people globally living with partial or complete hearing loss, the company’s core mission is to build an inclusive tourism ecosystem that addresses the specific needs of Deaf travellers, ensuring a barrier-free and enjoyable travel experience.

In the UK, the demand for accessible tours has been steadily increasing due to legal requirements, changing demographics, and rising awareness of accessibility rights. AAT is meeting this demand by providing comprehensive, Deaf-friendly travel solutions that cater to the unique needs of Deaf tourists. Research shows there is a high demand for more inclusive travel options worldwide, and oversight of the accessible tourism market has led to a US$150 billion loss. This underscores the need for Deaf tourism companies, like Amsaan, who have established strategic partnerships to create a more inclusive tourism ecosystem.

The company offers a Deaf accessible website with access to British and International sign language, sign language tours for Deaf travellers, excursions with Deaf tour guides, Deaf-friendly accommodations, accessible transport options, and extendable tours. The team uses more than eight different sign languages to ensure clear communication. To further enhance the travel experience, Amsaan offers an exclusive mobile app designed specifically for Deaf travellers, which includes useful travel information, detailed tour programmes, and an accessibility map, all interpreted in sign language, ensuring that necessary information is easily accessible.

Charles Purdue Pulido, CEO of Amsaan Accessible Tours – UK Office, stated, “Our mission is to provide inclusive, enjoyable, and barrier-free travel experiences for the Deaf community. As one in three adults has hearing disabilities in the UK, this expansion is a significant step towards achieving this goal. With 80% of our team members having varying degrees of hearing loss, we deeply understand the challenges Deaf travellers may face.

We look forward to using this expertise to create unforgettable journeys for our clients and continuing to break down communication barriers in tourism.” Since the British Sign Language Act 2022, BSL has been recognised as an official language with its grammar and syntax. This recognition has prompted tour operators and attractions to provide BSL interpretation services, ensuring Deaf visitors can fully participate in guided tours and cultural experiences, underscoring the importance of linguistic diversity and inclusion in accessible tourism. This has influenced AAT’s expansion to create an inclusive tourism ecosystem and offer more opportunities for Deaf travellers to enjoy barrier-free travel experiences around the world.

The development of the Amsaan Tours mobile app, which includes accessible travel information, has facilitated the expansion by ensuring consistent service across all locations. Establishing partnerships with local service providers in new destinations has also allowed AAT to offer a wider range of excursions and activities, ensuring that Deaf travellers receive the same level of service and accessibility no matter where they go.

In response to increasing client demand, the company has announced new destinations for its UK offerings, including Spain and Greece, through the Amsaan Tours app. AAT plans to introduce more holiday spots for summer 2025 and beyond while expanding the app’s features.

The team is actively seeking partnerships with organisations within the UK to enhance tour offerings for Deaf clients. They will be attending a host of events this year where their Deaf staff will be available to showcase new destinations and answer any questions about their tours, including the Edinburgh Deaf Festival, the Festival Clin d’Oeil 2024 – France, and the Deaf International Festival 2024 – Italy. To learn more or explore partnership opportunities, visit


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