An Open Health Day for Mount Lebanon Hospital University Medical Center (MLHUMC) in collaboration with Balamand University

Small signs might be an alarm to underlying more serious health conditions. In this perspective, Mount Lebanon Hospital University Medical Center (MLHUMC) organized together with Balamand University in Dekwaneh, an Open Health Day to create awareness around chronic diseases and their early detection through routine health checkups.

Specialized medical teams and nurses from different disciplines and expertise greeted and accompanied visitors who flooded from the area and the far neighborhoods to partake in this unique health day and discover the hospital closely, as well as go through the available tests on-site, such as blood pressure, pulse and other related heart tests, FIT screening which can reveal a colon cancer, low dose CT scan for smokers and many more.

Commenting on the event, Dr. Nazih Gharios, Chief Executive Officer of Mount Lebanon Hospital University Medical Center (MLHUMC) and leading Radiologist said : “The concept of hospitalization has drastically changed over the years whereby the hospital and the patient are connected all the time through the net or the social media platforms at times, which dictates to the hospital to go meet the individuals and take them through the diverse offerings and specializations to break the barriers and open their eye to health screenings. This type of initiative brings us closer and builds a solid bond”.

Dr. Elie Gharios, President of MLHUMC and Medical Director, spoke in his turn stressing on the importance of the Health Day in creating medical awareness and helping people get early screening and prevention from the diseases, which helps in reducing the hospitalization costs in most of the times. The presence of the medical staff puts the patients at ease as they get to know them personally and share their fears and worries while being reassured they are treated by specialists with state-of-the-art machines.” He added: “MLHUMC has been awarded 3 times by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and this qualification is bestowed for the excellence in patient safety and quality of care”.

Visitors of the day enjoyed personalized treatments and consultations and expressed their contentment in getting familiar with screening and early prevention as well as the unique and modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment led by expert teams.

The Open Health Day was held at the new Balamand University Dekwaneh campus which is affiliated to Mount Lebanon Hospital University Medical Center since 2019 after having signed an official affiliation in line with the mission of the Hospital being committed to providing excellence in healthcare.


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