Playing on silhouettes and volumes, Anna’s latest Cruise 2022 Collection sets off on an adventure of pure sartorial exploration. Inspired by designs with focus on liberating and romantic summer dresses, Anna continues to encourage women around the world to boldly express their personality through their choice of attire.

With an exciting ensemble of classic layered dresses to seasonal pastel pops, the new collection offers suitable lines for all moods and occasions.

Collections explained.

  • The ‘eco’ capsule collection uses breathable fabrics that are not only environment friendly but support healthy clothing for summer season. Anna is closely working with the right partners to promote sustainable fashion and encourage more designers to adorn this path.


  • With recurrent themes of desire and magic, the collection boasts lively cuts and airy materials that are carefully used to create the perfect summer wardrobe essentials.

  • Stepping up to the rapid change currently taking place in the fashion world, Anna’s latest collection marks its place in the fashion sphere by bringing a variety of feminine silhouettes with a utilitarian spin.


  • Statement pieces adapted by Anna’s contemporary lifestyle, created for ease and convenience, with pieces that can be worn on-the-go, from day to night.


  • The cruise collection will also surprise fashionistas with its color-pop collection, adding that dash of excitement.


Anna Chybisova and Angelika Svyatash, the creative heads behind the latest collection for Maison d’Angelann – the luxury fashion brand, has pledged to design clothing that inspires the modern woman to feel ready and comfortable enough to take on the world.

Anna Chybisova, a native of Ukraine, launched Maison d’Angelann with another partner in 2014, and swiftly led to become one of her country’s leading fashion designer in a matter of just three years, with the brand expanding to the Middle East in 2017 and other market simultaneously. In 2019, Maison D’Angelann launched the globally known collection “Diamond Dresses” decorated with Swarovski crystals under Anna’s brand name, SolAngelann. Both Maison D’AngelAnn and SolAngelAnn have seen exponential growth and success in popular m         arkets such as Paris, Wiesbaden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munchen, Dubai, Doha, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Tashkent, Los Angeles, and New York.


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