Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce & Federation of Muslim Associations in Brazil to host 3rdArab Chamber Webinar on Brazilian-Arab relations

The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) announced that it will host the 3rd Arab Chamber Webinar on Brazilian-Arab bilateral relations in partnership with the Federation of Muslim Associations in Brazil to announce the launch of the Brazil-Arab Parliamentary Group, an organization that aims to build ties between the Brazilian Congress and the parliaments of Arab countries. The webinar titled ‘Brazilian-Arab bilateral relations: Encouraging and developing inter-regional exchange’ will be streamed live on April 29, 2020.

In addition to discussing the expansion of Brazilian-Arab bilateral relations, the webinar will address the launch of the Parliamentary Group and its agenda; the diversification of trade; and the importance of food security in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the webinar will discuss Halal certification, food security throughout the production chain, legal processes to ensure safety, and the measures that have been adopted to protect Brazilian exports from the trade impact of the pandemic. In light of the increasing focus on food safety, ABCC is currently working on the modernization of its processes, including digital transformation, with an aim to ease barriers and facilitate trade.

Rubens Hannun, President, Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, said: “By organizing these webinars, we aim to build and provide more positive, synergistic avenues in order to promote discussions that can lead to strategic partnerships and joint efforts in facilitating trade. The formation of the new Group is set to add a lot of value to our efforts in this direction, with well-defined goals. We will be able to clearly identify challenges and address them in order to achieve significant growth.”

The third webinar will build on the success of the first two editions that were held on the topics ‘Food supply chain: Current perspectives and challenges’ and the ‘Challenges and opportunities in the logistics industry amidst COVID-19 situation’ respectively. The Chamber intends to host webinars regularly for as long as the situation continues, in a bid to provide information and updates to Brazilian and Arab companies, thereby supporting the continuation of trade movements.

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