Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce set to launch ‘WAHI – Women who Inspire’

The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) announced that it has established ‘WAHI – Women who Inspire,’ a committee within its organization dedicated to increasing partnership and cooperation among Arab and Brazilian businesswomen. The new committee, which will be launched through a webinar on Wednesday (July 15, 2020), will feature talks and panel discussions by some of the most notable Arab and Brazilian businesswomen in key industries.

During the online conference, ABCC will also announce a series of activities that will be implemented under the WAHI Committee, a multi-pillared platform designed to strengthen the relations among Arab and Brazilian women and how they contribute to economic development, cultural enhancement, corporate social responsibility, and social marketing, to name a few. The committee seeks to provide opportunities for these women to forge new connections, share their experiences in their areas of expertise, explore business opportunities, and inspire each other to become more innovative and promote entrepreneurship.

Rubens Hannun, President, Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, said: “We are proud to announce the creation of a committee designed to raise the level of connection among women in Brazil and the Arab countries. “WAHI – Women who Inspire” is meant to provide women from all sectors who, despite differences in culture, share the same stories of inspiration and success from challenges whether it is in social roles as mothers and housewives or the economic realm as business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives.”

Hannun added: “We are confident that the committee’s initiatives and activities will bring our countries closer and strengthen the relations between our people. At the initial stage, the women’s committee will focus on ABCC member companies both from Brazil and the Arab countries, and at a later phase we are keen to open the platform to women who share the same goals, especially to young business leaders who are paving the way in their respective fields.”

Considering the rising number of women leaders from these nations, the “WAHI Committee – Women who Inspire” will focus on three pillars: support to the economic development of women; cultural exchange and promotion; and social responsibility and marketing. In the first phase, the committee will raise awareness on the lifestyles, habits, and challenges of Arab and Brazilian women.

The new committee has already kicked off with a recent initiative to provide support in fighting the novel coronavirus pandemic. The initiative saw the committee organizing a fundraising campaign and distributing healthcare products in various hospitals.

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