Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce successfully takes part in Food Africa trade show in Egypt

The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) revealed its successful participation at Food Africa, which recently took place in Cairo, Egypt. The ABCC, in partnership with the Brazilian Embassy in Cairo, organized a Brazilian Pavilion that threw the spotlight on some of Brazil’s top products and services, including Mato-Grosso-based grain company Popcorn and Rauscher Commodities Traders. During the show’s exciting three-day run, around 150 companies visited the pavilion and expressed their interest in buying or exporting goods to Brazil and explored the possibility of becoming members of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber’s participation at Food Africa proved to be both timely and strategic as Egypt represents an important market for Brazil, which is widely reflected in the high demand for Brazilian products. To date, Egypt is also ranked as the third-largest Arab importer of products from Brazil, catering mostly to food products.

Rubens Hannun, President, ABCC, said, “We are pleased with the strong response that we received during our participation at Food Africa, which reflects the high demand for Brazilian food products and its related services. The event proved to be a strategic platform to showcase Brazilian companies and the products that they are widely known for.”

The ABCC reportedly received around 70 connections during its first day at the event. Popcorn highlighted its diverse portfolio of beans, popcorn and chickpeas. The company has become widely known to export its products to countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa and North America. Meanwhile, Rauscher Commodities Traders showcased its top products–coffee and black pepper–but also featured its other exports like sugar, rice, chia, cardamom, saffron, vanilla, poultry, beef and soy. The company’s products, which come from Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Guatemala, are successfully exported to countries like Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Sudan.

Recent reports have shown that from January to November of this year, Egypt purchased around USD 1.73 billion of Brazilian goods and export to Brazil around USD 286.46 million. The strong response for Brazilian products can be attributed to the mutual confidence, trust, and common interests between Brazil and its key Arab partners, further guided by the shared commitment to increase trade and investment flows.

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