Dedicated in creating the finest and most luxurious adornments, La Marquise Jewellery has unveiled their latest Imperia Petite Collection – Shamsa. Handcrafted with a distinct arabesque silhouette inspired by the Islamic Architecture, Minarets and Domes, the assortment features intricate patterned rings, earrings and pendants made from ethically sourced, hand selected diamond.

Embodying its name, the Shamsa collection illuminates timeless handcrafted pieces using only the finest materials of precious gemstones and 18K gold with meticulous attention to detail for an unsurpassed finish. Shamsa collection is available in two sizes and three cabochon-cut coloured gems, Verdant Emerald, Deep Sapphire and Vivid Ruby variants, each with a personality of its own. The stones are layered in a unique gravity-defiant look ensuring each piece stands out for its symmetry, seamlessness, and fluidity.

The one-of-a-kind Shamsa collection embodies historical elegance while consistently maintaining the brand’s quality and style as a testament to La Marquise’s vision. Peculiar designs blend femininity and luxury to empower women of all ages, these pieces were created to encourage and cater to those looking to make a bold statement.

Known for being the jeweller of choice for celebrities and fine-jewelry aficionados across the world, La Marquise Jewellery is now claiming its place in the elevated, rarefied world of high jewellery. Available across La Marquise boutiques, individuals can book a private consultation with an in-house jewellery expert from home or in-store to help you decide on the exquisite eye-catching motif collection.


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