Arabic clinicians can now share trusted, evidence-based UpToDate topics in their native language

Wolters Kluwer, Health,  a global provider of healthcare technology announced that UpToDate®, the company’s flagship clinical decision support (CDS) solution, now offers patient education topics in Arabic.

To further support effective patient education, UpToDate provides Arabic patients with convenient access to trusted evidence-based topics from UpToDate in their native language.

Information in UpToDate patient education topics is consistent with that delivered in UpToDate clinical and drug topics, providing a single trusted resource for clinicians and their patients. More than 1,000 patient education topics, written by the physician authors and editors at UpToDate, have been translated into Arabic to help foster improved clinician-patient communication and extend care conversations beyond the exam room. Infused with engaging pictures and graphics, these resources from Wolters Kluwer educate and promote shared decision making based on the latest medical evidence, clinical recommendations, and patient preferences.

Alaa Darwish, Country Manager, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, for Clinical Effectiveness at Wolters Kluwer, Health, said, “Partnering with patients in their medical care is key to achieving the best care everywhere. Patient education materials, shared as concise, evidence-based handouts or by email, are an effective tool for helping patients make informed decisions about their health.”

“Patient education tools are especially effective when the content is aligned with the decision support clinicians use and trust to make care decisions. UpToDate provides this through its comprehensive set of patient education topics – patient-friendly content that is carefully developed to educate patients that also aligns with the evidence-based information clinicians rely on,” he added.


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