Arabic Music Concert Set to Celebrate Latest Graduate Singer from Bait Al Oud

Bait Al Oud in Abu Dhabi, the musical institution dedicated to the preservation and teaching of Arabic musical heritage and its instruments, will celebrate the graduation of talented singer Sarah Shawky with a special concert on 26 September at 8pm.

Shawky joined Bait Al Oud in 2016 and will formally graduate from the esteemed institution with the special musical event at Abu Dhabi’s cultural hub, Manarat Al Saadiyat.

Organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi), the concert will feature Shawky presenting her graduation project, entitled ‘Music and Its Impact on Vital Human Energy’ that she completed after studying under Dr. Fathulla Ahmed, the Arabic singing instructor at Bait Al Oud.

Shawky started singing at the age of seven and her musical journey has coincided with her interest in human development and energy science. Her chosen project reflects her desire to find out more about the relationship between music and human energy, and the impact of music on the human soul and body.

The concert will feature authentic Arabic songs from different eras and across different countries, including songs by Iraqi singer Ahlam Wahbi, Abdou Al-Sarouji and Mohammed Abdel Wahab from Egypt, in addition to great songs by divas Fayruz, Asmahan and Warda, alongside inspiring songs by Sheikh Imam, Mohammed Abdu and Najah Salam.

“We are delighted to be celebrating the latest graduate from Bait Al Oud with this special concert,” said Faisal Al Dhahr, Acting Public relations and Communications Director. “Sarah Shawky’s talent and the focus of her fascinating project will surely make for an unmissable evening of breathtaking and enriching entertainment.”

Bait Al Oud was established in Abu Dhabi to provide an innovative platform for younger generations, and as a renowned centre for Arabic music. Since its opening, Bait Al Oud has worked to preserve the UAE and region musical heritage, and the school focuses on teaching Arabic music and its instruments such as oud and qanoon.

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