Arabic Music Concerts to Celebrate Latest Graduates from Bait Al Oud Abu Dhabi

The outstanding musical talent being nurtured at Bait Al Oud Abu Dhabi  the academy dedicated to the preservation and teaching of Arabic musical heritage – will be on show at two unmissable concerts organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi).

On Wednesday, 27 November, Manarat Al Saadiyat will host the Bait Al Oud Graduation Concert for students Yamen Alawar, Galal Kassam and Tawfik Zrek. The three graduates will play a selection of Arabic songs, accompanied the academy’s talented musicians to showcase the wide range of instruments taught there, including the oud, qanun, violin and cello.

Then, on Thursday, 28 November, the Bait Al Oud Celebration Concert with Naseer Shamma will take place at Qasr Al Muwaiji in Al Ain. Shamma, the world-renowned oud maestro, will be accompanied by the teachers and graduates of Bait Al Oud in playing a repertoire of traditional Emirati music adapted for today’s world.

“We are very pleased to be celebrating the continued excellence of Bait Al Oud Abu Dhabi with these two amazing concerts this month,” said Faisal Al Dhahri, Acting PR & Communications Director at DCT Abu Dhabi.

“Bait Al Oud continues to develop some amazing musicians, who are all fostering creativity and keeping traditional Arab musicianship alive. Seeing the talented teachers and graduates perform alongside Naseer Shamma – who is a true master of the oud – will undoubtedly be a breath-taking and unforgettable experience.

“At DCT Abu Dhabi, we are committed to promoting and supporting regional culture, which is a central tenet of Bait Al Oud and one that is clearly evident in this amazing line-up of performers for this concert.”

Among the instructors who will be joining Shamma are Bassam Abdelsatar, Sherin Tohami, Dr Fathalla Ahmed, Ahmed Taha, Ali Duraidi, Mazen Al Bager, Mohammad Saeed and Faisal Al Saari.

Shamma, born in 1963 in Kut, Iraq, has received more than 60 awards for his musicianship in his distinguished career, including the Iraqi Artists Syndicate for three consecutive years, from 1988-1990; Best Artist in Iraq in 1994; the Royal British Academy Award in 1998; and the Rotterdam Arab Festival Award.

Shamma launched Bait Al Oud in Cairo in 1998 to teach oud students to an expert level, as well as other traditional instruments, such as the saz, ney and qanun. Bait Al Oud was established in Abu Dhabi in 2008, in Alexandria in 2011 and in Baghdad in 2018. Shamma continues to oversee all the institutions, and graduates of the schools gain the opportunity to perform with Shamma around the world as part of the Bait Al Oud Orchestra.

Shamma has performed with many prominent ensembles such as the Metropolitan Orchestra of Montreal, the Lebanese Oriental Orchestra and the Global Ensemble, which he founded and which brings together leading western artists. He has also performed alongside jazz greats such as Wynton Marsalis. Shamma established the Eastern Orchestra which consists of more than 75 artists from Asia, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Europe.

Throughout Shamma’s career, he has prioritised his humanitarian contribution towards peace in the world. These include projects such as the Tareeq Al Zuhoor Charity (TAZC), which cares for vulnerable children in India, Ahluna Foundation, which has supported more than three million refugees, and Alaq Baghdad project, which aims to rebuild parts of the Iraqi capital. In 2012, he won the International Gusi Peace Prize and he continues to serve as the UNESCO Artist for Peace and the Goodwill Ambassador to the International Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies (IFRC).

Bait Al Oud was established in Abu Dhabi to provide an innovative platform for younger generations, and as a renowned centre for Arabic music. Since its opening, Bait Al Oud has worked to preserve the UAE and region musical heritage, and the school focuses on teaching Arabic music and its instruments such as oud and qanoon.

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