Ariston’s Innovative Technology supports new millennial centric hotspot

Ariston Middle East has equipped ECOS Dubai, the new millennial hotspot in Al Furjan with commercial heat pumps to heat water and thereby support sustainability. This latest home grown brand from the UAE has committed to offer unparalleled hospitality services to modern-day travellers featuring ultramodern design standards, and cutting-edge technology, at affordable rates. True to this ethos, ECOS has aligned its operations to be sustainable and has installed Ariston heat pumps as the preferred green solution for water heating.

The hotel’s 304 guest rooms, restaurant and central kitchen have hot water powered by heat pumps with a capacity of 24,000 litres capable of generating 640 KW energy to fulfil the demand.

“Electric heat pumps reduce energy consumption as compared to traditional boilers. By absorbing the free and ecologic heat directly from the air and water, heat pumps are the best example of technology in complete harmony with the environment. Buying and installation costs are also lower, and it is a ‘future-proof’ product. We have been serving the hospitality industry in the region and are proud to welcome the newest entrant to the UAE. Our service engineers are committed to offer sustainable solutions for water heating and we congratulate ECOS on their selection of heat pump technology to cater to their demand for hot water.” Says Alberto Torner, Head of Ariston Middle East, Turkey and Caucasus.

The water heating technology is efficient as well as effective. Commercial Heat pumps uses a thermodynamic cycle to heat the water through the air sucked by the thermal group inverting the heat natural flow. A refrigerant fluid (R417A and R410A), through status changes, compression, and expansion cycles, withdraws the heat in the air at low temperature and gives it to domestic water at a higher temperature. This is the reverse mechanism to the one used in refrigerators. The heat pumps installed in ECOS saves the property 1,266.39 KW of energy consumption per day amounting to a reduction in energy cost of more than AED 200,000 over a year.

ECOS Al Furjan joins an impressive list of landmark buildings equipped with commercial heat pumps. One of the newer installations is in the Fujairah Business Centre, a 19-level office tower and 19-level hotel and apartment tower adjoining a shopping mall. Another is the prestigious Rotana Akoya Oxygen in Dubai featuring 295 modern rooms, dining facilities, a fully equipped gym with a swimming pool and 3 meeting rooms.

“We are happy to make a positive contribution to the hospitality industry as it re-emerges to being a dominant force of the economy. Hotels benefit significantly from our sustainable solutions since they consume large quantities of hot water. The hospitality industry is expanding in many GCC countries offering us the opportunity to implement green solutions” Torner added

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