Artistic online auction supports deprived Lebanese Families

Art, a vector for social bond, or bond simply, is a flawless expression of solidarity for the Lebanese families living in great precarity.

The online auction of works from 7 emerging artists, that took place between last May 8 and 22 on the platform ArtScoops, was a success that turned out to be as dazzling as unexpected.

This success, initiated by the Carré d’Artistes of Beirut in partnership with Mon Liban d’Azur, allowed the organization Shelsh, founded by father Hani Tawk, to receive a cheque of 3213 US dollars in support of Lebanese families in situations of extreme deprivation. This cheque was handed on Tuesday 30th June during a friendly meeting in the premises of the gallery Carré d’Artistes in Beirut.

Among the participants, Geraldine Ghostine, President and Vera Webert for Mon Liban d’Azur, Maria and Maissa Fatteh as well as Hiba Chehab for Carré d’Artistes, father Hani Tawk and Maurice Beaino for Shelsh, the artists Fadi Chammas, Leila Dagher and Jessy Tabet represented by Carré d’Artistes, Raya Mamarbachi for ArtScoops and finally the journalist Julien Ricour-Brasseur. A moment of sharing, of conviviality, and of emotions that confirm, one more time, that solidarity and art remain an anchor in this particularly difficult Lebanese context.

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