Asharq News Launches Two New Services for Social Media Users

Asharq Business Sports and Asharq Business Crypto, latest additions to its expanding digital offering

Asharq News has launched two new social media services, Asharq Business Sports and Asharq Business Crypto, to serve the diverse interests of the Arabic-speaking public.

Asharq Business Sports reports on the business of sports, in the Middle East, North Africa and the worlds biggest sporting nations, utilising the new social media platform to address some of the most pressing news in the sports industry. These include, for example, Lionel Messi’s transfer to PSG, the most well-known and valuable African players, and the prize money for Saudi Arabia’s most prestigious horse race. The new service looks at how and where money is being spent, offering fans a more comprehensive view on their favourite sports.

Riad HamadeDirector of Business News at Asharq News, said: From inception, Asharq News has been proactive and innovative in covering and presenting news to its audiences, no matter the platform. There was clearly a gap in covering sports from a business perspective and this aims at filling that gap.

Asharq Business Crypto is a response to the intense interest in all things crypto, be it cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology or NFTs. The extreme fluctuations in cryptocurrency valuations, the debate over their significance and central banks’ response are some of the themes we will be covering with this new service.

Introducing the new cryptocurrency platform aims to enhance public understanding about this emerging trend in view of the widespread interest amongst all age-groups in the Arab world, Hamade added.

The new Sports and Crypto services join a long list of high quality offerings from Asharq Business with Bloomberg, including Asharq Business Technology that focuses on modern technology and offers exclusive information on trends worldwide, Asharq Business Green, a digital offering spanning the web and social media, focusing on climate change, sustainability and green news, Asharq Bloomberg Businessweek that provides the regions business audience with a selection of curated Bloomberg Businessweek content, and Opinion that offers valuable perspectives on business-related subjects. 

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