A’soud Global School, Oman Announces 20% Fee Discount

As a measure of extending relief to the parents’ community in the midst of the unprecedented public health crisis, A’soud Global School (AGS), part of Al Najah Education, has announced a 20% reduction in school fees for term three. This is applicable to all grades for the current academic year. Parents who have already paid in full will receive an equivalent credit against next year’s fees.


With the Ministry of Education in Oman announcing the extension of distance learning in the Sultanate until further notice, e-learning at home is set to continue. A’soud Global School implemented distance learning upon the announcement. Continuous constructive measures are carried out to help address the challenges faced, with a new way of learning to deliver superior quality distance learning and education.

The COO of Al Najah and the A’soud Global School Headmaster shared thoughts on continuing to impart excellence in education through the distance-learning mode:


“Since the start of the distance-learning programme, A’soud Global School has developed a child-focused system that ensures students’ educational needs are met, and helps parents who have to cope with a longer distance-learning period.  Fee reduction is an essential means of support to the community and our commitment to our students and families,” – Kishore Dash, COO of Al Najah Education.


“AGS is committed to continue providing quality education to all our students, support to our teaching staff, and as much help as possible to our parents. We look to the future of education with optimism, and will ensure our students are fully equipped and ready to return to normal school operations when the time is right,” – Darren Lyon, Headmaster at A’soud Global School


For more information, please visit https://www.agsmuscat.com/virtual-tour.php


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