Athlete’s Co. introduces Destination Chunky

Athlete’s Co. a multi-brand sports lifestyle concept, introduces a wide range of Chunky sneakers, under the concept ‘Destination Chunky’.

‘Dad shoes’, ‘ugly shoes’, ‘turbo trainers’, ‘chunky shoes’ – no one can seem to agree what to call this season’s biggest shoe trend. But it most certainly is – these kicks are characterized by their massive soles; thick uppers and the kind of weird Nineties patterns your dad is probably into.

As usual, it’s Instagram’s fault. Designer Chunky trainers have been a huge hit with influencers who like nothing more than an attention-seeking accessory. And the weird thing is, the more you look at these hefty trainers, the more appealing they become – even if at first, you thought you wouldn’t be seen dead in them.


How did the Chunky Shoe trend start?

With the chunkiness of shoes increasing every day, it is hard to avert your eyes from the increasingly popular “dad shoe” trend. That is because in 2018, the dad shoe trend took the streetwear and high-fashion scene by storm. It was not long before the trend trickled down from the runway onto the feet of everyday college students.

The trend can be traced back to August 12th ‘2017, when Kanye West and Adidas released the Yeezy 700 Boost Wave Runner, which sported a thick midsole and chunky silhouette. After their initial release, the shoes received mixed reviews. But the shoe went on to mold 2018 shoe trends, and it shaped them with a large size in mind.


Is it here to stay?

What’s most interesting about chunky sneaker phenomenon is that this particular style which is admired by millennials today was the same style clowned years ago and branded as the Dad Shoe. Now the dad shoe trend is cool! One thing for certain, fashion trends always come back into style (Nostalgia always has a place to return). Only this time the dad shoe intended for dads has come back into style for millennial’s around the world and especially millennial’s living in cultural hubs such as London, New York, LA, Berlin, Hong Kong, Paris & Milan amongst others.

Over the year’s sneaker soles have got chunkier, colors brighter with greater attention to detail.

From sportswear brands to High fashion labels all competing to create chunky sneakers that stand out, looks uniquely different to what’s out in the market all the while adding flames to the hype, this trend is here to stay.

Visit any Athlete’s Co. store around the UAE, where you will find the largest collection of Chunky sneakers across brands such as Fila, Lacoste, Reebok, Skechers, Adidas and more.


At Athlete’s Co, we encourage the Chunky sneaker trend and are reaching out to the millennials, as well as the trend followers, by creating a one-stop shop solution for all your chunky sneaker needs, making Athlete’s Co. the destination for Chunky Sneakers.

Check out the latest styles at your very own ‘Destination Chunky’ – Athlete’s Co. stores, across the UAE.

  • Fila – Disruptor
  • Adidas – Falcon
  • Skechers – D’lites
  • Reebok – Aztrek
  • Lacoste – Grand Slam

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