ATTUALE.COM is now live!

ATTUALE.COM is the latest innovation in e-commerce, founded by Giuditta Spezzapria. Launching with 54 brands in clothing, accessories and beauty 80% of which are emerging and entering the UAE market exclusively: Paris Georgia, the elevated essentials label from New Zealand; Aeyde?, the Berlin-based footwear line; and Trine Tuxen, the modern minimalist jewellery brand from Copenhagen.

The list has been carefully curated to ensure that each collection, and the creative direction of the team behind it, are in-line with ATTUALE.COM’s environmentally mindful approach to business and fashion. Italian for contemporary, ATTUALE looks to create a network of passionate, empowered women, and connect them through a love of #TRENDLESS style and an innovative e-commerce experience new to the region.

The site is now live. check





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