AUB and its Medical Center sign MoU with Roche Lebanon SARL reiterating their commitment to further strengthen their existing partnerships and explore potential alliance opportunities in the areas that remain uncovered

In line with its commitment to improving the health of the community in Lebanon and the region, the American University of Beirut and its Medical Center signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Roche Lebanon SARL in a ceremonial event held on May 23rd at the Halim and Aida Daniel Academic and Clinical Center (ACC) multipurpose room at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, with the aim to reiterate their commitment to continuing to engage in close bilateral coordination and explore potential partnerships in the areas that are left untackled.

This MoU, which came to fruition as the result of the joint efforts of effective members from the American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine, the American University of Beirut Medical Center, and Roche Lebanon SARL, emphasizes the determination of the two organizations to implement their operations effectively to explore possibilities for collaboration in the following areas: Innovation and Research, Healthcare Provider and Patient Organization Capability Building, Patient Experience and Support, Healthcare Policies and Medical Tourism, and Digitization & Artificial Intelligence.

During the event, the speakers seized the opportunity to discuss the essential components of a successful plan of implementation while recognizing the significance of addressing the patients’ and the Lebanese society’s growing demands.

Associate VP for Medical Advancement and Communications Ali Taher, the initiator of this collaboration, highlighted the urgency of working collectively, stating, “Now more than ever, we need to work together to create stronger, more resilient and responsive health systems.” Recognizing the significance of fostering partnerships between academia and the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Taher added in his opening speech, “Collaboration between Roche and the American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine and the Medical Center is nothing new. It was built and sustained throughout the years.”

To align their common goals, the first step would be for the American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine, the American University of Beirut Medical Center, and Roche Lebanon SARL to create a team for each of the collaboration areas in order to set the plan forward. They will enhance their research efforts and work together to pinpoint areas where healthcare provider and patient organizations need to improve their capabilities.

Executive Associate Dean for Medical Education Kamal Badr, said that, “The past few years have demonstrated the dramatic success that can be achieved when industry, academia, and governments work together, exemplified by the global response to defeat the COVID-19 virus.”

Emphasizing the holistic nature of cancer care, Medical Center Director Joseph Otayek stated, “Cancer Care is not a treatment: It is a journey. The American University of Beirut Medical Center and Roche acknowledge the importance of comprehensive support and care throughout the entire treatment process. Together, they are dedicated to ensuring that patients and their families receive exceptional care, guidance, and support at every stage of their journey.”

Additionally, the two organizations reaffirmed their commitment to explore new opportunities for cooperation that would enable the development of health system policies that can improve Lebanon’s medical tourism and make the country’s healthcare system more sustainable, as well as to keep up the pace with the advancement of science through evaluating potential in digitization and artificial intelligence.

The American University of Beirut Medical Center has a proud history of providing top-quality care as the teaching hospita

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