Augmented Reality Marketing, The New Technology Attracting Corporate Giants

There is no doubt that one of the main activities of any business is knowing how to market and advertise their products the right way. And there is no denying that the market is continuously growing with competitors, making it even more challenging and time-consuming to create breakthrough products. As a result, companies are doing everything they can in an attempt for their products to stand out.


E-marketing is one of the most widely used marketing strategies. Traditional newspaper, magazine, and television ads, on the other hand, continue to maintain a strong place in the field of advertising and marketing, despite the fact that they have recently begun to decline due to the emergence of many digital technologies, such as advertising on social media networks and various websites. Furthermore, rather than sticking to conventional methods, customers are actively searching for something new to catch their attention.


The advertising industry entered a new era with the introduction of mobile devices and app stores with a variety of apps; transforming these applications into a platform for companies looking to market themselves or their new products. However, you can find that this strategy does not always achieve the desired outcome; as previously mentioned, competitors are everywhere, and those who find a unique way to market themselves stand out. Things started to change in the industry recently, especially with the introduction of augmented reality technology and its integration into mobile applications.


Augmented reality is a form of virtual reality that attempts to mimic a real-world computer environment by enhancing it with virtual data. To simplify it, the augmented reality system creates a hybrid display for the user that combines the real-world scene the user is viewing with a virtual scene generated by the computer that enhances the real-world scene with additional data. As augmented reality technology has easily found its way into the world of mobile apps, these applications have not only become more enjoyable and exciting but also more practical and meaningful.


This technology has helped advertisers, entrepreneurs, and business owners in bridging the trust gap with their customers by creating confidence in the product. This has also allowed customers to digitally test, analyze, and watch the product they are interested in, leading to better trust with the product owners.


Usually, business owners dedicate large sums of money to the marketing campaigns of their products. While some of those campaigns can be successful and reap positive results for the company and its products, many end up a waste of money, time, and effort. This is especially true when considering the expense of putting advertisements on the front pages of well-known newspapers or radio and television stations, which usually cost around $500,000 or even more.


In this case, augmented reality has the advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness while achieving superior results, as the overall cost of developing an augmented reality marketing application for a product is $ 5,000, including all different customizations. As compared to newspaper advertising campaigns, this price is insignificant. In contrast to temporary conventional ads, virtual reality will leave a lasting impression and a special mark in the hearts of customers, in addition to being a persistent added benefit that will support the company in the long run.


As per Mrs. Dhabia Abini, CEO of A.R.E.A, an international company specialized in developing advanced mobile apps, advertisements displayed on applications that use augmented reality technology have become the new way for large corporations around the world to showcase themselves and sell their products.  The global augmented reality ad market is expected to grow from 1.41 billion dollars in 2020 to 8 billion dollars in 2024, according to studies, and businesses that invest in augmented reality ads are already winning and achieving great results that are comparable to those achieved from traditional advertisement campaigns. Advertising through this technology can be considered the new way for those looking to succeed in any field.


Customers are still on the lookout for new and creative ways to interact with ads, and augmented reality is proving to be a winner. The immersive atmosphere it provides consumers with creates a one-of-a-kind experience for the product; seeing and engaging with it will easily and widely promote the product in local and even global social circles, enabling it to grow organically.


You may be shocked to learn that augmented reality technology is already being used in many applicants. In this regard, the WININ application is the first Arab application to implement this technology, enabling many international companies in our Arab world to achieve higher levels of effectiveness, growth, and success in providing customized solutions that contribute to achieving the desired goals in e-marketing activities, training, expanding the customer base and revenue amounts.


Finally, businesses seeking to promote themselves or their products may use a variety of methods depending on the budget set for their campaigns. However, it is important for companies to incorporate these new global technologies into their operations because they dramatically help achieve desired outcomes at a lower cost than conventional methods.


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