AXIS Dance Company showcases the world of dance at Sharjah Performing Arts Academy

- U.S. Mission to the UAE brings USA’s acclaimed integrated dance ensemble to Sharjah Performing Arts Academy (SPAA) - U.S. dance company integrates outreach and dance education for disabled and non-disabled people of all ages

AXIS Dance Company, one of the USA’s most acclaimed ensembles of disabled and non-disabled performers, took to the stage last night at Sharjah Performing Arts Academy (SPAA).

Under the artistic direction of celebrated international choreographers and directors Marc Brew and Nadia Adame, AXIS mesmerised SPAA’s audience with its theatrical storytelling, grace and endurance.

Striking, beautiful and emotionally powerful, Brew’s passion for pushing the boundaries of dance was palpable throughout the performance. SPAA students had the opportunity to further engage with AXIS, as the company dancers hosted workshops and masterclasses following the performance.

Expanding on earlier collaborations, SPAA partnered with the U.S. Mission to the UAE to host AXIS Dance Company on its journey to redefine dance and disability.

Speaking about its collaboration with SPAA, U.S. Consul General Meghan Gregonis said: “The United States Mission to the UAE is proud to have partnered with Sharjah Performing Arts Academy to bring Axis Dance Company to Sharjah. Axis Dance Company, one of the most acclaimed ensembles of disabled and non-disabled performers in the United States, shows that dance and culture can be accessible to all.  In addition to promoting cultural exchange, this program has a strong educational focus, as the artists will also conduct workshops with students, helping them to prepare for careers in the arts. We very much look forward to our continued collaboration with the Sharjah Performing Arts Academy.”

The Company’s integrated dance education and outreach programmes for people of all ages with and without disabilities, are underpinned by their three pillars of activity – artistry, advocacy, and engagement.

SPAA Programme Leader and Dance tutor Alex Jessop stated, “At SPAA we value diversity. We work to ensure every student feels safe and has a sense of belonging. The powerful artistry and storytelling of AXIS dispels the notion of can and cannot. The profound work of the dance company’s community engagement also teaches empowerment, acceptance, and tolerance.

Students learning, growing, and being challenged together, regardless of their background, ability, and difference, is the cornerstone of inclusive education and an inclusive community. Our SPAA community has become richer thanks to the incredible performance and workshops of the AXIS Dance Company.”

Founded in 1987, AXIS strives to remove barriers for people of determination and galvanise communities by showcasing the beauty of difference through the world of dance.


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