Bait Al Oud Abu Dhabi Celebrates Graduation of Three Musicians with Unforgettable Arabic Music Concerts

Two nights of unforgettable Arabic music concerts concluded on Thursday, which showcased the amazing musical talent being nurtured at the Bait Al Oud Abu Dhabi music academy.

On Wednesday, 27 November, Manarat Al Saadiyat hosted the Bait Al Oud Graduation Concert, where the graduates, Yamen Alawar, Galal Kassam and Tawfik Zrek, played a selection of Arabic songs. They were accompanied by the academy’s talented musicians playing the wide range of instruments taught there, including the oud, qanun, violin and cello.

Then, on Thursday, 28 November, the Bait Al Oud Celebration Concert with Naseer Shamma took place in the historic Qasr Al Muwaiji fort in Al Ain. Shamma, the world-renowned oud maestro, led the teachers and graduates of Bait Al Oud in playing a repertoire of traditional Emirati music adapted for today’s world.

“We witnessed a remarkable turnout on both evenings, where attendees thoroughly enjoyed the outstanding performances of the oud maestro Naseer Shamma side-by-side with the professors and graduates of Bait Al Oud,” said Faisal Al Dhahri, Acting PR & Communications Director at DCT Abu Dhabi.

“Such musical events stand as a clear testimony to the talent and aptitude of Naseer Shamma in nurturing and refining the skills of young talents through Bait Al Oud and the opportunities it provides for them to thrive in their musical and artistic careers. These events also underpin the mission of DCT Abu Dhabi in promoting and fostering regional culture, whereas it became evident to us today that the UAE has a new generation of professional classical Arab musicians,” Al Dhahri continued.

The events were organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) to celebrate the outstanding musical talents of the Bait Al Oud graduates, as well as the expertise of its instructors.

Shamma is one of the world’s most renowned oud players, having received more than 60 awards for his musicianship in his distinguished career.

Bait Al Oud was established by DCT Abu Dhabi to document Arab musical heritage in addition to restoring the role of music as an integral element of the cultural life of Abu Dhabi. The academy is dedicated to fostering creativity and promoting artistic dialogue throughout the emirate and beyond the UAE, as well as encouraging the dissemination of knowledge concerning the history, theory, practice and performance of Arabic music and instruments.

One of the key objectives for Bait Al Oud is to firmly establish the school as a regional hub for musicians focussed on Arabic music and instruments and train and develop young Emiratis in the expert use of traditional instruments.

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