Bank Audi Consolidated Activity Highlights as at End-June 2019


            Key balance sheet metrics

  • USD 47.5 billion of consolidated assets
  • USD 31.8 billion of consolidated customers’ deposits
  • USD 12.1 billion of consolidated net loans
  • USD 3.8 billion of total shareholders’ equity, of which USD 3.1 billion of common shareholders’ equity
  • USD 250 million of net profits in the first half of 2019, of which USD 176 million of net profits generated in entities operated in Lebanon and USD 74 million generated in entities abroad


                Financial Standing Indicators

  • 3% of primary liquidity to customers’ deposits ratio
  • 3% of total capital adequacy ratio as per Basel III, of which 11.9% of CET1 ratio
  • 1% of gross credit-impaired loans to gross loans ratio, covered up to 100% by specific provisions and real guarantees
  • 1% of allowances for expected credit losses on performing loans (Stage 1 & 2) to net loans ratio post adoption of IFRS 9
  • 3% of return on average common equity.

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