Banque BEMO unveils “MILLA”

A large scale mural painting taking the Lebanese to a “Voyage” of a lifetime

In a one-of-a-kind initiative aligned with its policy in supporting art, Banque BEMO unveiled the large scale mural painting entitled “MILLA” in Achrafieh, Sassine on October 3, 2019. In collaboration with Art of Change, an organization committed to empowering people and communities through the promotion of art, “MILLA” was painted by the artist Ihab Ahmad who was present during the big unveiling event, alongside with officials, VIP, businessmen, artists, media, influencers, ….

The mural painting represents a maze, where animals and some imaginary creatures are tangled together. The artist wanted to show the strong alliance they are creating to find their pathway in escaping real life to live the dream that they have always dreamt of; a peaceful dream where everybody is happy enjoying a big party with a lot of laughs, love and peace. This specific idea, portrayed through the mural painting, located in the middle of the city, is an invitation for people to pursue their dreams, and a tribute to the loved ones who left, and whose dreams can still be pursued.

In addition, the painting initiative aims to improve the neighborhood through a powerful message; a story telling and Art making accessible to everyone. Hence, why Banque BEMO supports art in all its forms, as it is a means of communication to convey a story, an idea or an emotion. Indeed, Art is an essential component of Banque BEMO’s identity, whereby the bank recognizes that art has an important and positive social impact on people’s lives and the well-being of the community.


Dr. Riad Obegi – Chairman of Banque BEMO Board of Directors emphasized on “The Courage of the Emotions”; indeed, the power of the emotional courage and its significant positive impact on the community is so essential.

Building on its Art strategy, Banque BEMO is preparing to launch a space dedicated to “Art & Culture” in the Bank’s premises; details will be revealed in 2020.



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