Launches a New Era for Candidate Evaluation with Evalufy, the Middle East’s leading jobsite, announced the launch of “Evalufy,” an all-new video assessment platform. With the release of this platform, companies across the world can now streamline various stages of the recruitment and candidate screening processes through customizable, video-based assessments, all while reducing time and cost of hiring.


Instead of screening candidates through assessment centers, screening phone calls, or other traditional methods, organizations that are seeking to hire have the option of using groundbreaking video assessments with Evalufy. The new platform dispatches assessments to a large number of candidates, auto-tracked and graded by multiple evaluators. Upon completing the assigned assessment, candidates’ report cards are automatically plotted on a benchmark, based on the desired hiring criteria. These score cards are then used by employers to identify and understand the true potential of candidates.

“The recruitment and interviewing process is challenging. Especially with limited recourses and time, employers are sometimes forced to make subpar hiring decisions, ultimately ending up with a talent mismatch,” said Muhammad Younas, Business Product Director, “This is why we’re excited about Evalufy: it will help employers take talent acquisition to the next level and leave the costly and time-consuming traditional interviewing and screening methods behind. At, we strive to provide organizations in the Middle East and the world with groundbreaking AI-powered tools & technologies.”


Over 40,000 companies currently use to access a database of over 35 million CVs. Evalufy affords such companies the ability to quickly screen and select a hire based on competency-driven assessments. Evalufy is also compatible with Talentera,’s Applicant Tracking System, allowing companies to integrate their various talent acquisition and management systems and streamline all of their activities.

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