THREE Coffee presents the ultimate summer coffee Cascara Syrup. Made to beat UAE’s heat, the Cascara Syrup is lively, sweet and refreshing. Rich in antioxidants, Cascara meaning “husk” or “skin” in spanish refers to the pulpy skin of the coffee cherry that covers the coffee bean.


Traditionally Cascara is known for its medicinal properties of healing sores, swelling, internal strains and headaches. This summer superfood syrup can be served with sparkling water, or ginger ale. Falling under the Purple flavour category by THREE Coffee this summer syrup is known for its sweetness and flavour. The Cascara syrup from THREE Coffee emparts complex cup profiles producing notes of Florals, Chocolates and Deep, Purple Fruits.


Made of purified water, organic Cascara pods, organic cane sugar and citric acid, THREE’s Cascara Syrup is a bridge between coffee and tea.










Cascara Syrup


A complex cup profile producing notes of Florals, and Purple Fruits


Coffee enthusiasts can purchase Cascara Syrup on for AED100. Patrons can experience the offerings from THREE Coffee at various cafes in Dubai. The brews are available at specialty cafes like The Grey, Myocum, My, Airwerks Cafe and Dark Door.


Fact Box

Offer: Cascara Syrup

Price: AED100

Website: or  email [email protected]




About THREECoffee:A UAE-based sustainable roaster concept, THREECoffee was conceptualised to serve fairly priced delicious coffee that serves both the consumers as well as the farmers, allowing them to improve their standard of living. Coffee beans are sourced from Ethiopia, Burundi and Uganda in Africa, the Central American countries of El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala with Colombia and Brazil being the focus in South America, as well as Yemen and Indonesia in Asia-Pacific. The brand aims to improve the coffee value chain by actively participating in sourcing the right trees that grow the coffee, nurturing relations with farmers and partners, and even the baristas who deliver the final product.

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