Beautiful smile with straight teeth


A beautiful smile with straight teeth is everyone’s dream – teenagers and adults alike. Straight and aligned teeth are not only good to look at, but also better for your long-term oral health. Alignment helps your teeth, gums, and jaw joints by spreading the biting pressure.

No matter what your age, if you suffer from issues like uneven teeth, a crowded mouth, or a misaligned bite, you need proper orthodontic treatments that can restore your oral health and appearance.

A regular dental check-up will catch any such issues on time, and once you or your child is referred to an orthodontist, you can visit Drs Nicolas & Asp for the best treatment options.

The range of orthodontic treatments offered at Drs Nicolas & Asp are:

1 – Removable appliances: These are expanders that widen the jaw to provide more room for the teeth. These can be used for children as a preventive treatment.

2 – Traditional (metal) braces: These braces are the most common type of braces for children.

3 – Clear (ceramic or crystal) braces: These are much less visible than the traditional ones.

4 – Invisalign (clear removable aligners): The aligners are clear, near-invisible, and ideal for self-conscious adults.

At Drs Nicolas & Asp, our team of specialist orthodontists uses a wide range of advanced diagnostic tools, X-rays, study casts, and photographs to recommend the best braces and oral appliances to ensure your treatment is smooth and successful.

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