In a region experiencing a fast-paced transformation and with a new generation embracing rap music, Benefit Cosmetics celebrates sisterhood and girl power with the launch of their first music video entirely written and produced in the GCC.

Benefit Cosmetics has tapped into rap music and produced a music video featuring four strong young female talents, with Saudi artist Amy Roko as lead singer. Illustrating the brands’ strong DNA, the song and music video celebrate women in the GCC who stand up for each other and believe that true beauty is so much more than looks.

Benefit Cosmetics has never been shy about pushing boundaries and has championed empowerment of womenthroughmultiple campaigns. Founded by two bold and trailblazing women, the brand celebrated their roots with an all-female production crew, directed by filmmaker AngyJammal.

“At Benefit, we stand for more than just makeup, says Alireza Danai, Benefit Cosmetics Middle East General Manager. Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest marketsfor rap music in the Arab world, butrap still remains a male dominated musical genre. This project is about giving the mic to women, and it was important for us to work exclusively with young talents from this region to convey our message, using their voice.”

Inspired by traditional Saudi homes, the video takes place in an all pink Al Balad-inspired setting with traditional houses, a pink logaymat kiosk, and a traditional “gahwa” or café. “Al Balad is the historical area of Jeddah and is home to five centuries-old buildings, says Alireza Danai. It was essential for us to pay homage to this amazing heritage and to make it part of the creative process.”

GirlGang!will launch in the GCC on Wednesday, 18th March.

Head to Benefit Middle East YouTube channel to discoverthe video:


With over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, Amy Roko is a 27-year-old Saudi singer who started by sharing short comedy sketches on Vine and Instagram. Her content challenges the clichés about women wearing niqab. Amy Roko is her online pseudonym as she keeps her identity private.


Roya is a Saudi R&B singer and songwriter based in Jeddah. She shares her passion for music through her blog on Instagram. Recently, Roya released her first song “soldier” that was written and sung by her


Sarais a 17 years-old beauty and lifestyle social media sensation based in Abu Dhabi. She is known for her unique and outstanding makeup looks and tutorials. Sara shares beauty, travel, and lifestyle content on her Instagram account.


Shahad is a Jeddah-based Saudi young woman known for her TikTok videos. Her content reflects her fun and energetic personality.

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