Bonaldo’s innovative dining tables re-define elegant dining.

A defining characteristic of the Bonaldo design is a combination of materials and the mixing of shapes to create a unique fluidity where the tables look and feel different in each setting. For example:

The Geometric table is a transforming shape-shifting table that plays on perspective.



The Cross Table’s wooden base in the shape of a cross gives the table its solidity and structural force.

The Prisma table plays on sharp lines creating a defined aesthetic with its sleek wooden legs holding up a glass tabletop.

The Bonaldo tables’ defining feature is a minimalistic look keeping in line with millennials’ taste for sleek, modern, and practical designs.



Bonaldo’s tables have seen continued international success by winning three major awards: The Geometric Table won the GOOD DESIGN® Award 2020, The Cross Table received the Best of Year Awards 2020, and the Circus Table was awarded with the Archiproducts Design Awards 2020.


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