Adrenaline junkies, wall runners and freestyle jumpers of Lebanon, get ready! BOUNCE, is landing in the country this summer, offering one of the largest high-energy trampoline adventure parks in the region.  Featuring a dedicated parkour area, dodgeball courts, a huge Free Jump arena and loads more that we’ll tell you about later!

Located on a beautiful hilltop in Mansourieh, BOUNCE Lebanon will be the largest of its kind in the country, spanning over 3,400 sqm, packed with AMAZING activities that cater to all ages and abilities from little kids to extreme athletes. BOUNCE is the entry point into an exciting new universe of Freestyle sports for anyone and everyone who wants a taste of it!  BOUNCE wants to inspire Beirut to try something new!  

A visit to BOUNCE is an invitation to participate in Freestyle at your own pace, whether that is simply bouncing up and down or learning a new areal trick!  BOUNCE offers dedicated programs from BOUNCE FIT through to Flight Academy. This means participation can be as informal or as structured as you like depending on whether your motivation is skill development or just a whole lot of fun.

In an effort to find the very best recruits and discover the best talent that Beirut has to offer, BOUNCE held X-Factor style auditions on May 24th.  Candidates were interviewed and invited to showcase their tricks and flips in front of the BOUNCE judging panel.  Over 400 AWESOME people attended the auditions, but only the most impressive talents and engaging personalities made the grade…..  to be part of the BOUNCE Lebanon Tribe.

Doran Davies, CEO of BOUNCE Middle East, said: “After 5 EPIC years in the Middle East, the time has come to introduce the Home of Freestyle to Lebanon. We are so excited to bring BOUNCE to Lebanon and we can’t wait to jump around with you!”


Georges Moussallem, General Manager for BOUNCE Lebanon said: “I fell in love with the concept after a family visit to BOUNCE in Abu Dhabi back in 2016.  It’s a special place, the energy and excitement at BOUNCE is difficult to describe.  You’ve just got to let loose and give it a try!”


BOUNCE the Home of Freestyle Sports is coming soon to Lebanon!


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