Brazil exports USD 1.2-million worth of goods to Arab markets in January 2019

According to the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), Brazil’s exports to the Arab countries reached USD 1,194.48 million for January 2019, with the bulk of the exported 4, 270.70 tons of total goods going to the Omani market at 1,578.87 tons, 76 per cent of the Brazilian exports to Oman were iron ores.

The latest figures released by ABCC showed that the Brazilian exports to the Middle East, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, and Oman continued their ascent at the start of 2019 amid robust bilateral relations among these nations.

The UAE imported goods from Brazil worth USD 344.53 million at 273.08 tons for the first month of the year, while the imports of neighboring Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman reached USD 157.20 million (305.80 tons); USD 14.22 million (169.04 tons); and USD 91.78 million (1,578.87 tons), respectively. The value of goods exported to Egypt amounted to USD 146.61 million (510.61 tons) during the same period.

Rubens Hannun, President of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, said: “The latest numbers were a strong indication of the increasing trade ties between Brazil and the Arab countries. At ABCC, we will continue to help facilitate the exchange of goods between these markets in hopes of strengthening further their trade relations, while looking for other areas and fields where their cooperation can further be expanded and reinforced. We are upbeat that the same upward trend will be recorded in the coming months and years as Brazil and Arab nations remain committed to increasing their trade alliance with each other.”

Some of the top exported goods last month were meat; corn; beet sugar; iron ores and concentrates; aircrafts; satellites; live bovine animals; bovine meat; coffee; petroleum oils; soya-bean oil; soda or sulphate; plastering materials, lime and cement; organic chemicals and fish.

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