Sticking to resolutions can be hard but with small steps and support, building habits can turn to a routine. The Listerine 21 Day Challenge, is a simple approach to improving your oral care habits.

The results from this challenge are guaranteed where most users start seeing results from day 1! You will start noticing fresher breath by day 1, after 2 weeks your gums can be up to 5x healthier, and up to 9x healthier after a 4-week routine.

With this challenge, Listerine’s proven-superior efficacy will start to show healthier gums and stronger teeth by using it twice daily for 30 seconds.  Building on to the challenge, a recent consumer experience study was done where users quickly came to feel the benefits of regular rinsing for a cleaner and healthier mouth. Participants agreed that rinsing with LISTERINE® built their confidence and claimed to like Listerine after continued usage!


Did you know that in the first month of undergoing resolutions almost half give up and by the sixth month, most participants have already fallen off? Listerine’s 21 Day Challenge will help achieve these resolutions through small steps, leading to big results!

LISTERINE® today is used as a daily mouthwash which aims at improving oral hygiene for everyone. There’s a reason behind it being taken up by more than a billion people throughout the world!

Join the challenge!

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