Burjeel Medical City Launches an Exclusive Breast Cancer Unit for Women by Women

• On Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the exclusive unit places great emphasis on the comfort and privacy of women patients • Patients can walk in on the same day without prior appointments

To prioritize the comfort and privacy of women patients, Abu Dhabi’s Burjeel Medical City has launched an exclusive breast cancer unit with all-female medical experts. The women-led unit has a dedicated medical team led by world-class doctors to provide comprehensive and compassionate care. The Advanced Breast Cancer Unit has been established by the hospital to supplement the efforts of the country’s health sector to ensure early detection of breast cancer, which increases the recovery rate by more than 95%.

Another highlight of the unit is that patients can walk in on the same day without prior appointments to get check-ups. This facility has been arranged to ensure a seamless patient experience and provide a stress-free environment for patients, especially those diagnosed with cancer, making the journey to wellness a quicker process.

The Unit’s Offerings

The Advanced Breast Cancer Unit’s offerings include medical consultation services, including examination and diagnosis by female oncology specialists and diagnostic services like x-rays and mammograms and interventional x-rays for all types of biopsies in cases where breast cancer is suspected. The unit also offers surgical services including tumor removal and reconstruction surgery. Other highlights include a specialized tissue department to analyze and study samples from patients using cutting-edge techniques, and a specialized department for radiation therapy to treat patients with breast cancer who require radiation therapy sessions. All of these specialized services are provided by women medical experts with international expertise.

Professor Humaid Al Shamsi, Director of Oncology Services at Burjeel Hospitals, said, “Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the country, and requires rapid evaluation of suspected cases to enhance the chances of treatment and complete recovery. We have established this unit intending to help patients relieve the anxiety associated with a breast cancer diagnosis. Sometimes the hesitation to book an appointment may contribute to the delay in seeking medical advice, which can impede early diagnosis. Therefore, we have decided to receive patients without the need to book appointments in advance.”

Making Patients Feel at Ease

According to Dr. Nihad Abdul Razzaq Al Bastaki, Consultant in Diagnostic and Interventional Breast Radiology at Burjeel Medical City, the exclusive unit for women by women may help allay the apprehensions of some patients. “Some patients may be embarrassed to come to the hospital and undergo a breast examination. A special unit for women like this one may help them overcome such feelings of embarrassment.  In the early stages, the cancerous lesion is so small that it cannot be seen, noticed, or felt. Therefore, a periodic breast cancer examination is an important preventive step that can detect the presence of cancer before any symptoms appear.”

According to Dr. Frea Ramzi Perdawood Consultant Oncoplastic & Reconstructive Breast surgeon at Burjeel Medical City, this is a great step towards prioritizing the needs of our patients and respecting their sensibilities.

“It is natural for a woman to feel more comfortable opening to a female doctor regarding ailments like breast cancer. Establishing this all-women unit is a step in the direction of addressing the unique needs of women. As women medical practitioners, we are proud to leverage our collective expertise to serve our patients better and ensure women get the care they deserve”.

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