Buy one get one free – Sanatio Naturalis giving to NHS April 2020

To show our appreciation of the fantastic UK NHS staff at this time, Sanatio Naturalis will give away one product for each product purchased. When you purchase a product from our website we will donate the same product to your selected member of the NHS.

How to give your favourite member of the NHS a gift:

?1. Select your home spa gift, place your product order via our website

2. Email [email protected] with your order number, and the name of your chosen NHS person, with their address and postcode, together with a scanned copy of their NHS Foundation Trust ID badge. We will send the same item you have bought to them for FREE.

Select any of our products, which are ideal for home working:
Luxury glass or porcelain steam diffusers to scent the home with a fine aromatic mist,
Keep hydrated and calm with flowering White tea,
Moisturise your skin with pure high-quality facial oils – Precious or Jojoba oils,
Select your favourite natural high-quality therapeutic 100% pure aromatherapy oil from 13 oils.

Offer ends on 1st May 2020 and is subject to availability. Limited to one product per NHS staff.

Valerie – owner creator Sanatio Naturalis says:
“We sincerely hope that this little gesture from a small UK indie brand, will go some way towards helping to thank you at the NHS for your time and dedication.”

Sanatio Naturalis – from

  • Handcrafted Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers: Glass Lamp – SSP £80.00
  • Porcelain Aroma Diffuser – SSP £75.00
  • Pure Essential oils (10ml) – Lavender (SSP £22), Lemon (SSP £15), Sweet Orange (SSP £15), Peppermint (SSP £15), Cypress (SSP £16), Ylang Ylang (SSP £18), Tea Tree (SSP £16), Rosemary (SSP £16), Eucalyptus (SSP £15), Frankincense (SSP £26), Geranium (SSP £20) or Ginger (SSP £18).
  • Facial oils – Miracle Jojoba Radiance Essence (SSP £24.00 – 30 ml) Precious oil ( SSP £60.00 – 30 ml)

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