CADD Emirates assigned as the official Annoncer partner for the Middle East

Index Hospitality is proud to announce that they entered into a strategic partnership with CADD Emirates. Index Hospitality Systems is a Netherlands based hospitality technology pioneer. This partnership brings their innovation ‘Annoncer’ into the kitchens of Middle East’s elite fine dining restaurants.

 Kitchen management system Annoncer has been making headlines in the gastronomy industry. It is the dream of most of the renowned Michelin chefs in the world. This system, developed by Index Hospitality Systems, has changed the way high end kitchens operate.

The positive change & transformation Index facilitates with Annoncer within the gastronomy, gave Index Hospaality Systems the drive to expand their product to new international markets, like among other countries, the Middle East.

“At Index Hospitality Systems we are extremely proud of the Annoncer solution we created and the amazing customers we are privileged enough of working with. Because of this, we spend a lot of time looking for partners we feel have the same level of commitment, expertise and customer service as us. Therefore, we are proud to announce CADD Emirates as our partner in the Middle East going forward, as they have proven to uphold the same values that we highly regard. We are confident they are a great match for us, our product and our end-users.”

Robert Sanders COO Index Hospitality 

“The complexity off successfully selling, deploying, and supporting high-end software solutions in the gastronomy industry, especially in the 5-star hotel and resorts, cannot be underestimated. So, we are very proud to be able to come to a strategic partership with a well-established and experienced partner,i.e. CADD Emirates LLC, for the region.”

Arthur Leliveld CCO Index Hospitality 

 “Offering personalized service to the guests and creating the ‘wow’ factor is the key focus of all elite fine dining restaurants in UAE. Annoncer can make this happen due to the right mix of technology and innovation. This innovative user interface system will offer a paperless environment in the kitchen with improved accuracy in course management and greater service levels recognizing the Guest’s dining preferences. It will transform your kitchen operations and take away all the worries of your chef, who can focus on creating the excitement in your esteemed guests”

Jimmy Joseph Director of EMEA and India for Hospitality Division of CADD Emirates.

Both parties are very pleased with this collaboration and are looking forward to seeing happy chefs and therefor improved guest experiences in restaurants in Dubai.

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