Carlos Gamal, founder of CG Barbershop shares the 4 aspects you should be discussing with your barber to achieve a long-lasting haircut and style your hair at home


Let’s face it, most men avoid starting conversations with their hair stylists as they like their barbershop visits to be as swift as possible. But the reality is, the small talk that your hairstylist tries to make at the start of every session is more important than you think!

 Carlos Gamal, 3rd generation barber and founder of CG Barbershop reckons that a haircut’s life span and compatibility with an individual’s features and lifestyle all depends on the dialogue you have with your hairstylist prior to the session and it can have an impact on the end result. Thus, if you’ve always felt indecisive about the style you’d like to go for, how to make your cut last longer between appointments or how to style your hair at home – these are the points you should be discussing with your stylist on your next barber appointment:

1-Express your typical hair styling routine at home:

It’s crucial for your hairstylist to understand your typical hair styling regimen at home. For example, you should inform your hairstylist whether you towel dry your hair, use a hair dryer or which specific styling products you use. The amount of time you dedicate to styling your hair on a daily basis is another important aspect that you should highlight, as this information will collectively help your barber recommend a style that best suits your lifestyle and can easily be achieved at home. Not to mention that some hairstyles require more maintenance than others, so if you prefer something with less upkeep, then your barber will be able to advise on the best haircuts and products to make your at-home styling process more efficient.

2- Express the last time you had a haircut:

Let’s face it, most men are not hair growth experts and are unaware about the best time to visit the barbershop for a haircut. Thus, mentioning the last time you had a cut to your barber will allow them to estimate your hair growth pattern and ensure your hair is not left too long or too short for your liking. For example, if your hair re-growth rate is slow and you prefer keeping your hair long, then your stylist will likely recommend against going for very short haircuts that require a while to grow back. Also, once your barber gets an idea about your hair growth pattern, they can advise on how long you should wait between touch ups or new haircuts.

3- Express if you have any scars or sensitive skin:

It’s highly recommended to let your barber know if you have any scars, moles or if you deal with any sort of scalp or skin sensitivity. This will help your barber take the necessary precautions when cutting your hair such as using the right tools and products for sensitive skin. For example, the barber will use hair products that are designed for sensitive scalp once they’ve been informed about this issue by the client and will swap the razor blade with a clipper for short haircuts to reduce redness and irritation.

4- Express your favorite hairline look:

Another important piece of information that most men forget to mention is the type of hair line they would like to go for. It is important to let your barber know if you like an outlined hairline or prefer it to be natural looking – as this can have a great impact on the end result of the haircut and style.

If you fancy getting a hair consultation with CG Barbershop’s expert barbers and enjoy a hand-crafted cut that will last longer – download the CG Barbershop app and book your appointment today!  Or visit for an easy online booking process.

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