Celebrate the festive season with the perfect gift at Damas Jewellery

With the joy of the holiday season upon us, thoughts turn to festive gatherings and moments shared with loved ones that spark eternal memories. In this time of celebration, a special gift can express so much more than words, and with the selection at Damas Jewellery the perfect choice awaits you.

For a gift that celebrates life itself and each person’s unique personality, the Fireworks collection offers an unforgettable selection of 18k gold jewellery embellished with differently shaped diamonds, where classic designs are reimagined with a flair of sparkling firework shapes that spiral into the sky. Equally meaningful, Kanzi, Arabic for ‘my treasure’, is a collection that celebrates the most precious gift of all: love. Featuring coin-shaped motifs set with semi-precious gemstones enhanced by brilliant diamond embellishments, the selection of 18k rose gold necklaces, earrings,
bracelets and rings represents a captivating choice for those closest to your heart.

The timeless choice of pearls is given a modern twist in the Kiku collection of 18k gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and bangles, featuring delicate pearls complemented by the blue hues of lapiz lazuli and turquoise gemstones. The collection’s fluid shapes and sleek silhouettes make these pieces perfect for stacking or pairing with other Damas favourites. Also brilliant for layering or wearing solo is the Links collection, a modern take on femininity, but also a shimmering symbol of the bonds of love, whose adjustable chains and various lengths allow infinite styling options.
For every personality there is the perfect expression at Damas Jewellery. The Dome collection, for example, exudes a regal air that resonates with every woman’s inner queen. Here, the traditional spirit of the region’s beloved architectural dome shapes is blended with contemporary detailing and vibrant coloured stones of lapis lazuli, malachite and tiger eye set in 18k yellow and rose gold. Also inspired by Arabic architecture and its mesmerizing patterns that represent the unity of nature, the Lace collection transforms intricate designs into vibrant, modern medallions combining the rich hues of yellow  and white gold with a choice of turquoise, malachite or mother of pearl. For the bold personality, look no further than Alif, a selection of jewellery in gold, diamonds, mother of pearl and semi-precious stones, inspired by the majestic first letter of the Arabic alphabet. These modern jewellery designs capture the empowered spirit of standing tall and strong just like the Alif character.

For the soft yet resilient woman, a Damas icon beckons: the Farfasha collection with its 16-year legacy of celebrating femininity in different creative ways. Motifs inspired by the butterfly and blooming Arfaj desert flower are complemented with pastel gemstones, such as tourmaline and turquoise. The 18k gold collection features necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, bangles and long necklaces that are easy-to-wear for that effortless chic effect while embodying the ultimate
precious keepsake, to be treasured for ever more.

With such an incredible array of choices, Damas Jewellery assures you of an enchanting experience exploring your options, safe in the knowledge that whichever you choose, whether for a significant other or as a gift to yourself, will bring all the joy of the holiday season to life.

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