Celebrate this Eid with Jergens Smoothing Oud Lotion, the go-to lotion for dry skin, bringing you a step closer to looking your best self to celebrate this Eid! Treat yourself and your skin with the one and only Jergens Smoothing Oud Lotion, exclusively available only in the GCC!

Inspired by local tradition, the indulging lotion is infused with the Oud essence, perfect for the Eid occasion, offering you a fragrant final touch to your festivities. Maintaining local family traditions, Jergens Smoothing Oud Lotion puts forward the best Oud scent in your day-to-day essentials.

Say goodbye to dry flaky skin and hello to smooth and luminous skin with the Jergens Smoothing Oud Lotion. The lotion hydrates and improves texture that results in an ultra-visibly smoother and luminous skin, getting you ready to look fabulous this season.

Jergens Smoothing Oud Lotion has been curatively designed to fulfill your skin’s needs with the ultra-hydrating composition of the lotion along with the beautiful touch of the Oud Essence. Jergens Smoothing Oud Lotion is available at major hyper and supermarkets, including Carrefour, Panda, Spinneys and Waitrose.


Prices (Including VAT)

Jergens Smoothing Oud Lotion 400ML – 21.6 AED


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