Chivas Regal Celebrates the Successful Ventures of Lebanese Social Entrepreneurs Rabih Kayrouz and Kamal Mouzawak

When one thinks of iconic ventures that have happened over the course of past centuries, the Chivas brothers definitely come to mind. Back in 1801, John and James Chivas came together to establish one of the most iconic whiskey blends known today: Chivas Regal. Characterized by humble beginnings, the journey would not have achieved glorious success had they not fulfilled their vision as a duo, hand in hand. Today, Chivas Regal is a prime example that success is always better when shared with someone. More than two hundred years later, this same ideology stands strong and with that, Chivas becomes the contemporary champion of social entrepreneurs who are able to rise up and reach the top, while embracing the people around them every step of the way. Inspired by the brothers’ journey, the distinguished whiskey brand took upon itself to launch a global campaign that celebrates social entrepreneurship and the people behind noble projects that have a positive impact on the society they operate in. In Lebanon, Chivas teamed up with Rabih Kayrouz, fashion designer and co-founder of Starch Foundation, and Kamal Mouzawak, founder of Tawlet (part of Souk el Tayeb), to better explore the respective ventures of the two social entrepreneurs who have managed to build a brand that is society-conscious, much like the Chivas brothers.

On one hand, Rabih Kayrouz founded his international fashion house Maison Rabih Kayrouz, after which he eventually co-founded Starch Foundation: a non-profit organization that helps launch Lebanese emerging designers. On the other hand, Kamal Mouzawak created Tawlet which falls under Souk el Tayeb: an organization that works on national and international projects to preserve culinary traditions, rural heritage and the natural environment. Both gentlemen have thrived in their ventures, embracing those who have supported them on the path to success, which undoubtedly featured a number of rough instances and some more triumphant moments. Accompanied by a film crew, Chivas met up with Kayrouz and Mouzawak on a rooftop in Beirut and in their respective workspace in order to discuss each of their success stories and what it means to be a successful social entrepreneur in Lebanon today.








To crown the Lebanese edition of Chivas’s global campaign, a glamorous celebration was held in honor of Rabih Kayrouz and Kamal Mouzawak, in the presence of their closest friends and family members. The celebration, hosted by the popular TV presenter Hilda Khalifeh, was held at the distinguished Penthouse in District //S, Saifi, which supports social entrepreneurship and the cause at hand. Attendees gathered around to experience specially curated Chivas-based cocktails that reflect the gentlemen’s ‘Recipe of Success’ and to raise a glass to the winning ventures of the two social entrepreneurs, proving once again that success does indeed taste better whenever it’s shared with someone.

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