Christophe Durand-Ruel (ex-Christie’s) and Eva Hober (Eva Hober Gallery) Join the monart startup

A few days before the Art Basel 2019 in Basel, monart, the Contemporary Art Platform of the 21st Century, is welcoming two influential figures from the art market to the core monart team: Christophe Durand-Ruel as Special Art Advisor and Eva Hober as Chief Art Officer (CAO). For Malo Girod de l’Ain, monart’s Co-Founder, “these recruitments contribute to establishing monart’s international reputation and credibility among artists, gallery owners and investors around the world. »

Christophe Durand-Ruel, ex-Christie’s, monart’s Special Art Advisor
Christophe Durand-Ruel has been the head of the Contemporary Art department at Christie’s France since 1999. Earning an MBA from Amos Tuck School of Business Administration, Dartmouth College, New-Hampshire, USA , his career in art began in 1988 when he chose the Briest study (contemporary art section) after initially studying finance. In 1993, he become partner to Fabienne Leclerc at the Galerie des Archives. Christophe Durand-Ruel is also a descendant of prestigious art dealers. His family’s passion for art originated with his great-great-grandfather who was an Impressionist merchant and continued with his father, an art collector, and his mother who is the author of numerous catalogues of contemporary artists of the 1960s. Now as part of monart’s management team, he will advise the creation of the first investment platform for contemporary art. “History will remember that 150 years ago, Paul Durand-Ruel, Christophe’s great-great-grandfather, created the model of art galleries, and today alongside monart, Christophe Durand-Ruel invents the economic model of 21st century art,” explains Malo Giro de l’Ain.
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Eva Hober, founder of her eponymous gallery, monart’s

An influential gallery owner on the Parisian scene, Eva Hober, has been an integral part of the historic art and business district, the Triangle d’or, since 2017. In 2004, she founded a gallery in her name, located in le Marais, Paris. After two years at the Pace Gallery in New York, she began to work as a promotor of emerging and promising artists, including Clément Cogitore, Pauline Bastard, Axel Pahlavi, Anne Brégeaut, Jennyfer Grassi, and Audrey Nervi, and has been in this field for the past 15 years. As the curator at the French Institute, she organized the exhibition “La belle peinture” which was chosen by L’Oeil as one of the 50 best exhibitions from the 55’s to today. Now responsible for building her first monart collection, Eva Hober will begin her search for rising artists at Art Basel 2019 and then explore potential partnerships with institutions to support exhibitions and emerging artists. At the Kunsthaus in Basel, monart supports the artistic production and solo exhibition of Clément Cogitore. “Eva Hober will help us build a high-quality art collection and further develop our investment platform,” concludes Pauline Houl, monart’s Co-Founder, based in Bejing.

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