CMA CGM Group launches the reconstruction of its Beirut headquarters

Following the explosions of August 4 which caused one fatality and fifteen injuries to CMA CGM’s
Lebanon team, the Group announced the launch of the reconstruction of its heavily damaged offices
located in Beirut Port zone.
The initial architect of the building, Nabil Gholam, will undertake the reconstruction works with a priority to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of the collaborators in their workplace.
This project which demonstrates the Group’s determination to continue to support Lebanon, will be completed in August 2021 and will allow to accommodate, once again, 250 of the Group’s collaborators in Lebanon.
Currently, CMA CGM’s Beirut teams occupy 2500m 2 of Beirut Digital District‘s premises and are ensuring the continuity of operations, while maintaining a high-level service to the Group’s clients.
Acquisition of a new building in downtown Beirut Furthermore, the Group has acquired the “CMA CGM 114”, a building in the center of the capital, to support CMA CGM‘s development and teams growth. The space will host its subsidiary CEVA Logistics, specialized in end to end logistics solutions, and its digital center “The Hub”, geared towards digital
Continuity of maritime and logistics activities to meet client needs As soon as the port of Beirut reopened on August 10, CMA CGM mobilized all of its resources and expertise to ensure that the transport of goods to the Lebanese people was not disrupted, with 9 vessels calling Beirut, and 3 calling Tripoli, connecting the country to the rest of the world.
Joe Dakkak, General Manager of the CMA CGM Group in Lebanon, declared:
With its strong presence in Lebanon, CMA CGM Group reaffirms more than ever its commitment to the Lebanese people through its investments, projects and jobs creation.

With the reconstruction of our offices and the acquisition of a new building in downtown Beirut, CMA CGM is determined to pursue its maritime, logistics, digital development in Lebanon, and to keep moving forward.

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