Community Development Authority raises community awareness about People of Determination’s rights at work

Dubai’s Community Development Authority (CDA) has launched a community campaign aimed at increasing awareness about of the rights of People of Determination at work. The campaign aims to highlight success stories and enhance the understanding in the society and business community on the importance of enabling People of Determination to work in accordance with jobs appropriate for them to encourage them to join various sectors without feeling discriminated for their capabilities, and in aligned with the needs of the labor market. Several People of Determination were chosen as ambassadors of the campaign and will be joining CDA during events to discuss about their right to work.

The campaign is in collaboration with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority and it is part of CDA’s integrated program implemented this year regarding raising awareness about the rights at work of People of Determination. The campaign includes an exhibit which was setup at Mirdif City Center showcasing a video of their success stories in their workplaces.

The campaign, titled ‘I Can’, provides visitors with an overview of the general rights of People of Determination and their right to be integrated, empowered and be able to secure job opportunities to enhance their ability to become materially independent and invest in their skills and capabilities. KHDA will be providing them with key information about its initiatives seeking to employ People of Determination through its recruitment platform.

Maitha Al Shamsi, Executive Director of the Human Rights Sector at the Community Development Authority, said that the Authority has started implementing its integrated program to raise awareness about the rights of People of Determination early this year, including the launch of the ‘My Right’ introductory booklet, which contains information about their rights and the various mechanisms that protect them in light of the International Convention on the Rights of People with Disability and the Federal Law for Persons with Disabilities No. 29 of 2006 and Local Law No. 2 of 2014. She mentioned that training sessions were also held for business owners and human resources officials in government and private entities concerning People of Determination’s right to work.

Al Shamsi further highlighted that allocating a campaign platform in one of the busiest shopping centers in Dubai would help them reach a wider segment of society to educate and encourage people to support the rights of People of Determination.

Al Shamsi explained: “Achieving our goals of boosting awareness about the rights of the most vulnerable groups require efforts to reach all social strata as part of our efforts to build a friendly and inclusive society. This requires the participation of all members of the society and they cannot play their role without full awareness of the rights. We are confident that the ‘I Can’ campagin will make a significant difference in expanding our reach in the community and increase their participation in promoting and adhering to these rights.

The ‘I Can’ platform is in Mirdif City Center’s entrance opposite Carrefour until Tuesday, December 17 where visitors can visit and learn about the services and programs that the Authority provides to People of Determination.

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