Strive for conscious cravings with Pierre Marcolini; The world renowned chocolatier has been cultivating his expert craftmanship and knowledge of the process from bean-to-bar over two decades. Not only does he offer mouth-watering chocolate but his cocoa beans are ethically sourced, following three fundamental criteria’s in order to protect the planet and its people.

Commitment #1: No children work on the plantations

In an industry where child labour is still widespread, the Pierre Marcolini Maison and the plantation owners who have signed the charter to forbid child labour.

As such, any activity that deprives children of their childhood, potential, and dignity, or that is detrimental to their education or health is strictly prohibited on these plantations.

Commitment #2: No use of glyphosate

To guarantee the absence of toxic substances in their chocolate and to establish the quality of the cocoa beans and their fermentation, each batch of beans is subjected to a series of tests carried out by an independent organisation.

Commitment #3: No use of CCN-51 cocoa beans

In their quest to produce the finest chocolate with unrivalled taste, Pierre Marcolini strives to preserve biodiversity. They therefore do not use cocoa beans from the genetically modified cocoa tree. To make this all possible, they pay their plantation owners more than double the market price.

Pierre Marcolini is available at Maison Pierre Marcolini at The Dubai Mall.

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