While the world is focusing on social distancing and staying indoors to bolster health and hygiene factors during the current pandemic of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, the rise in residential waste levels are inevitable and can imminently increase.

The rise in e-commerce placements leading to cardboard box disposals, stay at home cleaning chores, increasing order-in food wastes like plastic spoons, containers, and many more reasons, are contributing to the increase residential waste levels. This is in addition to the personal protective equipments like masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes, etc.

In line with UAE vision 2021, Grandiose, the eco-friendly supermarket, encourages the residents of UAE and all the communities to adopt a sustainable way of living during this crisis period. To further promote this culture, the supermarket chain advocates ways to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and lays emphasis on the importance of mindful consumption to avoid waste being collected at home.

While the leaders of the country take stern and innovative measures to achieve the UAE’s sustainable vision, Grandiose promotes various efficient ways of home waste management that are easily available on digital channels.

Additionally, residents can visit Grandiose’s social media pages to check out some creative DIY ideas that children can practice and learn how to recycle the waste and have fun at the same time. The bi-weekly video series aims at continuing the dialogue amidst the younger population even in the absence of their proper schooling routine.

Since its launch, Grandiose Supermarket has been focusing on enabling consumers to purchase high-quality products while acting responsibly in conserving the environment. The eco-friendly supermarket instructs customers to bring their own re-usable shopping bags or opt for the paper bags available at the plastic-free checkout counters. Other practices include placement of non-plastic cutleries in its ‘grab and go’ section, glass jars for the REFILL amongst many other initiatives by Grandiose. The company is making it easier for customers to reuse product packaging, potentially saving significant volumes of unnecessary plastic and packaging waste.

Apart from the initiatives within the store, the supermarket chain has been an active social player outside the store too. The eco-friendly supermarket continues to host social initiatives like the beach clean-up drive in liaison with their customers and employees. The chain also conducted free seminars in partnership with the governmental youth hub to educate the UAE residents on how to reduce waste in their daily lives.

Grandiose believes in living a better-quality life, consume without wastage and help reserve Earth’s resources for the future. Grandiose supermarkets currently operate from Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, Silicon Oasis, Barsha, Dubai Mall, RAK Grove and Address Downtown, with several others scheduled to open in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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