Counseling and awareness sessions to combat cholera organized by ActionAid Arabia

Action Aid Arab region organized counseling and awareness sessions to combat Cholera within the framework of the emergency response plan, which forms part of its annual projects, in light of disease threat in Lebanon. Action Aid also distributed rations containing cleaning materials and disinfectants to prevent outbreaks, in partnership with RDFL (The Lebanese Democratic Women’s Gathering) and Shift (Social Innovation Hub).

These campaigns included several Lebanese regions also in collaboration with the Red Cross, the Amel Foundation and IMC, through which 1,200 individuals from women’s local communities of different nationalities and ages were counseled in Jeb Jannine, Baalbek and Tripoli (of both sexes).

 ActionAid Arab region also disseminated a comprehensive social media campaign.

ActionAid is a global organization that aims to achieve social justice between the sexes and equality and eradicate poverty by working with women and youth who live in poverty and marginalization and also working with their communities, grassroots organizations, social movements and supporters.

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